Metal detector

2022.01.18 19:31 Medium-Minute8828 Metal detector

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2022.01.18 19:31 ProdigalTimes LPT: Sanitize your toothbrush using a small jar of hydrogen peroxide

Sanitize your toothbrush by resting it (the head part) in hydrogen peroxide overnight. Hydrogen peroxide is effective and low cost and safe to use inside the mouth - but NO ingesting. Regular 3% solution costs less than a dollar.
A simple way to do this is use an empty glass jar from your spice pantry and cover the outside of the jar with dark tape (masking, painter's or duct tape), then fill the jar with hydrogen peroxide. The glass jar is stable enough to hold your toothbrush without tipping over and the tape will block light since hydrogen peroxide is light sensitive. Replace the hydrogen peroxide every 2 weeks.
BONUS: don't rinse the hydrogen peroxide off before brushing because it is a great tooth whitener
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2022.01.18 19:31 Ninjhetto Jingle all the way (clip censored on a video)

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2022.01.18 19:31 Ankilgore98 {F4M} Knight in not-so shining armor.

If you hadn’t known the real me, you’d think I was perfect. Always had my hair and makeup done. Straight A student, president of the student council, all star gymnast and captain of the cheer team. Always kind and caring towards people, volunteering the little free time I had to help at the homeless shelter. But underneath, I was a time bomb, ticking, waiting to explode. Waking up three hours before school just to get ready every morning. All the time I spent on homework, cheer practice, gymnastics, cheer, student council projects, it quickly became overwhelming. I couldn’t let my reputation slip. I was gonna go to a top tier college, get a degree, just like my parents had been pushing me to do, ever since I hit middle school. It was a lot of pressure on my back, and I didn’t know how much longer I could take it.
You on the other hand, seemed to be my polar opposite. If you even showed up to school most days, you didn’t stay long, or pay much attention to anything. You were the ‘bad boy’ of the school. Causing trouble, skipping class, riding around town on your motorcycle. My parents would kill me if they’d even thought I was thinking about speaking to you. Maybe that’s what drove me to do this.
It was a random Tuesday, and I walked towards the school, crying. Another fight with my parents, shoving all their expectations on me, me wanting to live my own life. I was so sick of it all, I didn’t care anymore. I saw your bike pull into the parking lot, and you give me a smirk. Something in me just snapped, and I change my direction towards you. I knew you were trouble, but I didn’t care anymore.
Hey there! I’m Ash! I’m looking for a long term, literate male Roleplay partner to dig into this prompt with. I’m always open to discussing differences and changes with your character or the prompt. I prefer 1st person writing, and 3+ sentences for each response. I only Roleplay on discord. Message me if you’re interested! Thanks!
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2022.01.18 19:31 Amorette93 👁️👅👁️

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2022.01.18 19:31 barefootkitchengirl Not attractive enough to keep my current partners attention

I always wanted to have a baby. My mom divorced my dad when I was 3 and she was only 21. I had a baby with this guy who is obsessed with looks. I’ve NEVER looked at myslef as so ugly that I don’t fit in before but since being with him All I hear is one example after another of an attractive person getting some kinds of privilege in his eyes and how ugly people, well, there seems to always be one in every friend group. I’m positive now that I’m the ugly one. I have bad teeth I always have, they were yellow since I was a little girl and honestly some of them are twisted so Theyre not even. This makes me extremely sad because procedures to fix my teeth are SO expensive. I could have spared my insecurities by staying away from a dude like him. Whenever we meet people, if they have a nice set of chompers he almost immediately compliments them… on their friggin teeth!! I’ve obviously never thought of this as normal behavior but it’s probably because I’ve never been told something like that. Things started to get rocky between me and him the month before I got pregnant, it felt like he wasn’t trying to be romantic anymore and maybe he was losing interest in me physically, I literally was thinking okay well that was fun while it lasted. Well it’s a year later, I have a new baby, and I’ve never felt more disgusting. I know post partum is a thing and I just feel like blowing my brains out. He always says it’s all in my head, that I would have friends if I wasn’t so weird and stuff like: I shouldn’t try to eat healthy because he doesn’t want to. I go to therapy or talk to my family/friends about my feelings of being ugly, having pain, mental health but a lot of the time they notice he’s just not supportive of me and my feelings. It’s as simple as them asking me, and where was Anthony or how is Anthony helping you through this? I also keep catching him going through my phone and there’s literally nothing there, like As if being insignificant wasn’t enough, he thinks he can actually catch me doing something way out of my ballpark😭😭😭 I never get invited to parties and I make friends but they’re so full of drama and honestly I wasn’t going to put this out there but I found out that he slept with every girl that I’ve introduced to by him in the last year. We’ve been broken up on and off so I guess it’s not my business but he broke up with me while I was pregnant to go literally fool around-with people who were trying to get close to us as a couple and then he came back after our daughter was born.and he never admitted it if I found out after a while that this and that girl was messaging him after dark it was just always oh I ant help it “im attractive and they want me” i don’t feel ugly every day but I think I am. My cheeks are puffy and undefined, my eyes are small unlike all my friends who have gorgeous big eyes and my posture is sad. Don’t even get me started on my body typ. I used to play soccer and was in shape but I never really felt this bad about myself either. I guess people like me are supposed to pour themselves into a hobby to increase their life’s potential but how do I do it with a crappy partner and being a full time stay at home mom. -drowning in my potential
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2022.01.18 19:31 PhondelingPharaoh Is it enough yet?

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2022.01.18 19:31 Evening-Natural-9234 Ozumi is a design for a interactive gaming/vr gaming software and production company. This is just a design for practice

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2022.01.18 19:31 FADIKALIL ضبط 1850 كيلوغرام دقيق تمويني بمخالفة الاتجار بريف دمشق – S A N A

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2022.01.18 19:31 Slackjaw01 Simple

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2022.01.18 19:31 FoxieHikariLIVE Cosmo Island, Shiahara Islands, Kitsune Island - The second city of the Kitsune Island project, and of three outlying Islands.

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2022.01.18 19:31 Potential-Pickle69 Where are my rivals rewards?

I just placed platinum this week and still haven’t been able to choose my reward. Anyone know anything about that?
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2022.01.18 19:31 RavenKarlin He doesn’t understand what I’ve seen

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2022.01.18 19:31 The_Octopode Shout out to the crappiest post-merge reward ever.

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2022.01.18 19:31 Excellent_Pace6037 How can I do the integral of (cosht)^2/sinht ?

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2022.01.18 19:31 madiavellian What do you recommend?

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2022.01.18 19:31 lordmainstream First playthrough of DS2 and i wanted to try something other than full melee

I just finished the first game, and i’m about to start the second one.
Here’s the thing, in DS1 i went Warrior and got a Black Knight Sword in the undead burg that i used through the whole game (a friend said i got very lucky with this). It was pure melee, i didn’t cast a single spell (i still don’t know how to lol), didn’t shot a single arrow and didn’t join any covenants. My gameplay plan was dodge/parry/smash everyone until i finished the game.
I felt like there was so many mechanics that i didn’t experience by going full melee in the first game, that now i want to try something else in DS2.
Now in the character selection the Cleric and the Sorcerer got my attention but i still don’t know what’s more fun. And if this game is like the first, i probably don’t know to play with them either, so any suggestions and tips would be very appreciated.
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2022.01.18 19:31 Artistic_Operation_4 Not pressing E for long enough

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2022.01.18 19:31 Djazz1234 Almost got a sub 30 sec CEO payphone hit

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2022.01.18 19:31 Javidor44 Looking for a friend with whom to practice my Danish

Hej! I’m quite new to Denmark, I just moved here 5 months ago and I’d love to learn danish.
I love learning new languages, and I’ve been studying at my local sprogcenter but I barely passed the first module.
I’d love to find someone who’d like a new friend, and is willing to speak in Danish with me (patiently, as right now, my Danish level doesn’t go much beyond introductions).
I also am proficient/native level Spanish and English speaker if you’d like to, I could also teach these language.
My DMs are open to anyone interested! If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments
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2022.01.18 19:31 power_eagle9763 Lots of rain left this giant frozen pond at the park

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2022.01.18 19:31 AnimeVidyaCoomer Art by 霧月

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2022.01.18 19:31 DLanganAVN Wanna take a bath with me?

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2022.01.18 19:31 sebby0325 Sheena Ringo ft. Yasutaka Nakata - J'ai Trouvé L'amour

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