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overview for Proud_Abies7547

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I restarted my island with nothing. So I’m up for almost anything as a trade. Just looking some DIYs or something.
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2021.11.27 16:58 omgitsmint Tinder in the UK SUCKS!

Does anyone else agree that his app is absolute dog shit in the UK?
It’s just riddled with girls on there for a joke, which makes finding somebody who wants similar things so difficult.
I switched my profile to a few different countries (without statinfg where I’m originally from) and got soo much more success.
Tinder in England is virtually pointless.
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sackboy is real???? (at bottem)
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Hello, I want to get into soldering and I was wondering if this kit was a good starter. Thank you.
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2021.11.27 16:58 andycannolis Cubs theoretical protected list

This is a theoretical protected list for the Chicago Cubs after the 2021 season. This list would be for an expansion draft that would theoretically take place after this season. Note: the only reason Jason Heyward is protected is because of his 10-5 rights as it's not certain that he would waive those rights to not be pprotected in an expansion draft scenario even though no one would even think about grabbing him in an expansion draft because of his bloated contract. Otherwise David Bote would be protected in round 1 and Keegan Thompson in round 2. If a team were to pick a Cubs player in round 3 then Michael Hermosillo would be protected.
Protected list:
Adbert Alzolay is the top priority to be protected going forwards as he's a guy who can strike guys out, get groundballs and it appears his control has improved dramatically to a point where I'd say he might be the #1 by 2023 and starting on opening day for the Cubs. For most teams he would be a #3/4 starter though and when considering he has five years of team control left with an option year remaining he has the most surplus value of any player in the Cubs organization. Even with some considerable walk rate regression expected he should be a #3 type that doesn't eat a ton of innings and that means he is a #4 in effect. He could be even better if more walk rate gains stick than even I'm expecting.
Nick Madrigal looks similar to Hoerner with more speed, less walks and way fewer strikeouts. This guy should play good defense at second base while also stealing quite a few bases if 100% healthy as his last full season resulted in 35 steals (48 attempts) between A+, AA and AAA. He's got all three option years remaining and five years of team control remaining so he'll be sticking around for a while.
Alec Mills is a poor man's Kyle Hendricks who basically gets groundballs and avoids walking batters. He has four years of team control remaining but no more option years left so that's not great news. That said he should be the #4 starter for the Cubs behind Hendricks, Alzolay and Miley.
Nico Hoerner looks like a guy that could be a league average type of player if he can simply hit home runs a little more often (8 homer projection in 131 games is good enough with his defensive value to be worth 2.1 WAR.) That said he only has three home runs in 378 plate appearances so far. With a swing adjustment that unlocks some more power he could become a massive piece of the Cubs next contender. That said, he has four years of team control and two option years remaining so that's a point in his favor.
Justin Steele looks like a nice, cost controlled arm who has some control problems that are mitigated by sold strikeout and groundball rates. He's projected for 1.5 fWAR in 126 IP next year. That surprisingly feels reasonable based on his previous minor league track record and 2021 success between AAA and the MLB. He could even improve towards being a really interesting starting pitcher by cutting down on walks.
Ian Happ is a league average type of player assuming he doesn't spend time in Center Field again being a nightmare. That said, as a left fielder he should be a fine choice. He's likely to have two more years of team control with two option years available in case of an emergency.
Brennan Davis in the typical top prospect pretty much ready for the MLB after some service time manipulation assuming the CBA doesn't markedly change. He's expected to be worth 2-3 WAR annually over the next likely seven seasons. He'd be higher than Ian Happ if he had spent more time in AAA though. He has a goof approach at the plate, can hit for power, steal bases and play Center Field. It's these risk concerns that keep Davis down. If he has a year like I'm expecting out of him he'll be #1 in terms of who gets protected going forwards.
Kyle Hendricks is the Cubs #1 starting pitcher and he has been the #1 since Jon Lester started really going downhill in 2019. He's normally a 3 WAR starting pitcher but last year was bad and his 2024 vesting option didn't vest because it required a top 3 finiah in NL Cy Young award voting in 2020 whereas he finished tied for 9th place. Despite a rough 2021 I'm projecting Hendricks for 2.5 WAR per year for 2022 and 2023 which is worth $20 million a year. That means he has $12 million in total surplus value when taking his $14 million per year salary into account.
Frank Schwindel gives me a lot of Ryan Mountcastle/Shea Hillenbrand/Ryon Healy vibes in that he doesn't draw many walks and yet is expected with regression to still hit for enough power while striking out less than the league average. He has all three option years remaining and six years of team control. He's approximately league average when taking his defensive adjustment into consideration so he's worth protection for now. (Better teams wouldn't be protecting him though).
Willson Contreras is similarly valued to Miley except he's a little better and has less overall volatility in his profile as Miley had been dreadful with the Orioles in 2017 and missed most of 2020 with injuries. As a result, Contreras and his healthy body rank this much higher than Miley. He only has one year of team control remaining so he'd be a pure rental for an expansion draft, but he's got enough surplus value that he would definitely be selected in an expansion draft.
Miguel Amaya would've been above Schwindel if it wasn't for the fact that he's going to undergo tommy john surgery before the 2022 season. Hopefully he can start 2023 in AAA but 2022 is a lost season in his development. Missing most of 2021 (but all of 2020 and having played 2019 in A+ ball makes him fall down a few places.
Patrick Wisdom is basically a poor man's Joey Gallo. That said, even with less defense, walks and baserunning skills that's still a valuable player (albeit a close to league average player for pre arbitration salaries for 2022 and 2023.) He could get nontendered further along in the arbitration process like Chris Carter was by Milwaukee but Wisdom can play 3B positively whereas Carter is a 1B/DH type where there was no DH spot available.
Wade Miley is only this high simply because he's only under team control for 2022. In terms of pure talent he's a lot higher. That said, he's a #4 type of starter getting paid $10 million with an $8 million luxury tax hit. Expect Miley, Contreras, and maybe even Ian Happ to be traded in 2022.
Rafael Ortega is above Bote because Ortega is being paid less money, can steal bases, has five years of team control remaining. He's a fourth outfielder type ideally but he can start in the outfield. Simply put, Ortega has more expected surplus value even in spite of having no option years remaining. The problem is most of these guys are corner outfield types ideally, some of them can fake it in center but the plan for 2022 is likely to bring Brennan Davis up and stick him in the lineup.
Jason Heyward is only protected because of his 10-5 trade rights as those extend to his eligibility for expansion drafts. He hasn't been worth protecting since he joined the Cubs (probably would've made such a list after 2016 in spite of a bad regular season).
Unprotected but noteworthy top 3 not selected in 1st round of expansion draft would be protected for round two:
David Bote would have been protected had Heyward's 10-5 rights not kicked in after the 2020 season. That said he appears to be a utility type of player that isn't great but he is likely worth more than he is being paid as I value as a 1 WAR player at about $4.5 million a year assuming the two team options are bought out. He also has two option years available if necessary and it's certainly possible with how badly he played last year. (His expected numbers suggest he was unlucky last year.)
Codi Heuer is our expansion draft selection and likely candidate to close barring any better options. Depending on which of the two teams selected first determines whether David Bote or Codi Heuer would be selected as a first round expansion draft choice. Both would likely be protected in the event of an expansion draft after the 2022 season in place of Contreras, Miley and if Happ is traded then Wick would also be protected barring any free agent signings.
Rowan Wick does get his share of strikeouts and doesn't walk too many batters. What concerns me is how he missed time with an intercostal strain, his groundball rates have tended to fluctuate from really good to rather poor throughout his time as a pitcher. That said, he could be a decent pinch hitter option in the event of an emergency and perhaps a pinch runner as he used to play Catcher in the minor leagues and has some outfield experience before transitioning to being a pitcher so I'm more confident that these issues are more fixable with continued experience as a pitcher. He has four years of team control remaining with an option year if necessary.
Michael Rucker is slightly above Thompson as I feel more comfortable with his control and groundball tendencies going forwards. He is a multi inning relieve swingman. Rucker also has an additional option year so that is an added bonus.
Keegan Thompson is a swingman type of pitcher who gets strikeouts but his groundball rates are too low for me to comfortably have him as a starting pitcher and his 53 IP sample in his MLB displayed some serious control issues. While he does have two option years remaining and six years of team control I would overall prefer other swingmen types than Thompson.
Scott Effross is primarily above Megill because of having an additional option year coupled with his considerably higher groundball rates. He does strike out fewer batters but walks fewer batters too so that just barely puts him above Megill for me. Another good year in 2022 would likely put him above Wick going forwards. As it is he would be our second round expansion draft pick.
Trevor Megill is a middle relief type who had a rather ugly looking 2021 on the outside but under the hood it confirmed a lot of sustainable and likely successful relief pitcher going forwards. He has shown in the minor leagues to get strikeouts and generally limit walks effectively while not allowing a ton of flyballs either. He still has two option years remaining to go with six years of team control so he could get closer to a protected list with better luck in babip and strand rates and more MLB success.
Manuel Rodriguez is a young, electric armed right hander who picks up strikeouts and groundballs aplenty thanks to a turbo sinker that averages 97 mph. The problem is his control as since he has arrived in America from the Mexican league it has generally been atrocious save for 2017 in A ball and 2019 in A+ ball. If he can rein in his control towards manageable levels he could become an elite reliever and potentially be protected once Willson Contreras and Wade Miley get traded/contracts expire after the 2022 season.
Michael Hermosillo is a second division type of outfielder who has power and decent ability to draw walks but he's got some strikeout tendencies and an inability to stay healthy, having averaged 77 games a season since 2015. Playing 537 games out of a potential 916 games played (rough calculations). That said he'll be playing his 2022 season at age 27 and he has five years of team control so if he can stay healthy he could considerably jump up the list. He's down here because he's got no option years remaining so he'll have to stick on the 40 man roster. His upside potential is why he's so high because he could be a good role player piece with better health going forwards.
Tommy Nance is a guy who the Cubs picked up out of the independent leagues and looks like a flamethrowing lefty who gets strikeouts and groundballs aplenty. His control is perfectly acceptable and his AAA numbers suggest that he might cut down on the walks in 2022 and if that occurs then he should be a candidate to close going forwards. Even though he is a late bloomer type, he does have six years of team control and two option years remaining. He would certainly fly up this list if he can pitch like he did last year over a full MLB season and even more if he improves like I expect in 2022. Nance would be a potential round 3 expansion draft pick but an expansion team would likely be able to find better options from other teams.
Sergio Alcantara is a bench type of utility player that is primarily above Wieck because he's got two more years of team control and an additional option year available. If he can cut his strikeouts down while maintaining his walk rates he could go up a little on this list. That said, he might fall off the list if he stays a bench utility man that can't hit.
Brad Wieck has more upside thanks to better strikeout and walk rates he might stick around through arbitration as long as he can stay healthy. For Wieck, that is not a given as he has pitched in 22 games since 2020 so he is an injury risk. He has four years of team control remaining but no option years so he's just above Adam for me even though Adam is more likely to be removed from the 40 man roster.
Jason Adam is more of a known quantity and that is an up/down middle reliever that allows too many flyballs. He picks up a lot of strikeouts but he walks too many batters to tolerate a sub 30% groundball rate. Probably will get two seasons out of him before becoming a non-tender candidate during his arbitration years. He had five years of team control available and one option year remaining. Safe to say, he's replaceable. So much so, that he might get taken off the 40 man roster for a younger, potentially better reliever.
Ethan Roberts on the 15 players that missed the protected list in the first round is interchangeable with Little because Roberts has better control tendencies as a reliever with similar groundball rates. That said, they haven't had their MLB debuts yet and that's the only reason they're below Adam is because of their risk feeling too high to have above a known quantity (even if he's not that good).
Brendon Little is a long term middle/long relief piece with good groundball rates and strikeout tendencies. His control has been lacking but his ability to pitch multiple innings if necessary as he's been used as a starter before this year should come in handy. His six years of team control and three remaining option years will also come in handy as it gives the team optionable depth in case of emergency.
Thanks so much for reading, be sure to comment your feedback and let me know who you'd like me to write on next and whether your rankings are different than mine. I hope this was an enjoyable read even if it's a TLDR.
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2021.11.27 16:58 passenger2992 Luzern Basel 28.11.2021

Any idea why odds are so high for Basel @ 2.4 execpt that they were on the road Thursday?
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2021.11.27 16:58 your_penguin Possessiveness in a situationship

I (24,f) am exclusively talking to a guy (25,m) who says I am becoming possessive over him and that we are not dating.
(We’re not dating as he is getting ready to leave the state in the spring and does not want to do LDR.)
We went from talking and hanging out everyday, not being able to get enough of seeing each other, to now him not texting as much, caring about me or my day, and blowing plans off/not making any….
Where to go from here? In terms of possessiveness and the loss of interest… how can I revive this?
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21 [f4m] Do you want a good sexting service, videos, photos and some gifts with a discount? 😈💦🍑 My pussy is wet and I'm waiting for you, kiik me: vanemarsex submitted by sexvanessa to exhibnudism [link] [comments]