Here's Discord's prophesy (brought to you by Snowy!). And here's two drawings of Discord !

2021.11.27 16:48 WholesomelyChaotic Here's Discord's prophesy (brought to you by Snowy!). And here's two drawings of Discord !

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2021.11.27 16:48 Shponglenese This is giving me “Moses broke up with me and I’m alone somewhere” energy idk

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2021.11.27 16:48 andrew0703 Finally was able to evolve her :) on the way to best buddies

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2021.11.27 16:48 TeddyNoTits From UFO to IFO

From the moment you see a UFO, it loses its property as a UFO and instantly became IFO (identifiable flying oblect).
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2021.11.27 16:48 JackJojo1920 Edelgard with her dad’s hair

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2021.11.27 16:48 Karma-Kosmonaut Adiantum trapeziforme - Sometimes called a Giant Maidenhair. From my experience, this can be a somewhat difficult maidenhair to cultivate. This is a tropical maidenhair and requires temps above 65 and humidity above 50%.

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2021.11.27 16:48 masonf0 Grinding sound in 06 Impreza

I noticed yesterday that whenever I shift and let off the clutch there is a grinding sound. It sound is coming from below the shift boot. For more reference it's winter(I don't know if that has any affect) and it doesn't make a grinding sound when I let off the clutch super slowly. The car has over 183,000 miles and I know Subarus are known for having transmission issues when they get up there in miles. Any help is very much appreciated!
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2021.11.27 16:48 soutsos 3 Generations! (Last 2 pictures is the mother when she was a little kitten!)

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2021.11.27 16:48 plz-shut-the-fuck-up Stronger & Runaway at Rolling Stone's "The 500 Greatest Songs of all time"

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2021.11.27 16:48 Shvercerr where can i buy antenna for eu???

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2021.11.27 16:48 itsleemcguire Florida Orange Blossom in Gatorade, Me , Watercolour, 2021

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2021.11.27 16:48 tricenotatreat [spiritual] coming to JESUS | Episode 9- mental health journey w/GOD | Podcast about experience w/GOD| Episode about my mental health journey| SFW |

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2021.11.27 16:48 balbs10 Week 48 Total Gaming GPU Sales 2865 Units Radeon 54.80% and Nvidia 45.20%

My own sales tracker (TechEpiphany on Twitter dose one sporadically) uses (manual data collection and data entry) checking through all the product SKUs each week to measure the changes from previous week (Quadro cards, Radeon Pro GPUs and Kepler GPUs are excluded).
The Radeon Division’s stock deliveries cycled upwards this week and Nvidia’s stock deliveries cycled downwards this week a lot compared to last week.
Week 1 to Week 48 Summary of Total Sales.
Nvidia 80130 Units = 61.22%
Radeon 50745 Units = 38.78%
Here is a link to an upload to a screenshot of this tracker’s information.
Total Gaming GPU Sales Week 48 Nvidia Units 2185 = 45.20% Radeon Units 1470 = 54.80% Radeon Top 5 Selling Brand Line!
1) RX 6600XT = 490 units
2) RX 6700 = 450 units.
3) RX 6600 = 210 units.
4) RX 6800 = 160 units.
5) RX 6900XT = 130 units.
Nvidia Top 5 Selling Brand Lines!
1) RTX 3080 TI = 230 units.
2) RTX 3060 TI = 200 units.
3) RTX 3070 = 195 units.
4) RTX 2060 6GB = 150 units.
5) GT 1030 = 150 units.
Radeon’s RX 6600XT (490 Units) was the Bestselling Gaming GPU at this week; Nvidia’s RTX 3080 TI (230 Units) was their bestselling gaming GPU week.
MSRP calculation is dollar price, time 0.84 (Euro conversion today) times 1.19 (German VAT/Consumption Tax Rate).
I have created a Subreddit with my Reddit Posts RadeonGPUs, which is open for Redditors to do their own Posts as well, please consider subscribing should you find the Posts there helpful or interesting!
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2021.11.27 16:48 SirSamlet Worth it?

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2021.11.27 16:48 Charcrom Appreciating Mox and All Things Magickal: A (Relatively) Short Guide

Greetings, fellow students of master Magnificus and all others who are reading this document. It has come to my attention that many challengers hold an errouneous belief that Magickal cards are the weakest, and that Mox decks are inherently flawed.
Today, I am aiming to challenge that opinion – and to hopefully inspire several of you to try building Mox decks of your own.
We will begin with basic understanding of Mox dependency.
Mox dependency is the most important mechanic to consider when building a Magickal deck. As most of you know, any Mox dependent card will perish if there are no Mox cards on the board. While this rather severe weakness can quickly be turned into a practical advantage by any apt apprentice, for now we will only remember the following: Not every Mox card bears this sigil. In fact, only five of them do:

Gem Fiend Skelemagus Mage Pupil Mage Knight Master Goranj
Essentially, this means that most other cards (especially Sapphire cards) make excellent distractions and damage sponges, protecting your scales as you prepare for bigger setups.
Before we finally proceed with Mox deck archetypes, here’s an informative fact: The names of three Wizard Masters correspond to Mox colors that they depend on.
Master Bleene – (Bl)ue Gr(een) Master Goranj – (G)reen (Oran)ge Master Orlu – (Or)ange B(lu)e
Now then, first and foremost, I would like to define (my perceived) function of each Mox color. While this is debatable, I have observed that:
Emerald Mox cards are mostly offensive, providing consistency and power with some ramp up potential; Ruby Mox cards are mostly defensive, providing high health to one’s board: Sapphire Mox cards are a mixed bag of supportive and offensive creatures, providing versatility.
Knowing this, one can conclude that it is wise to focus only on one or two Mox colors at a time – else one’s deck becomes a muddled, unreliable mess (though there are exceptions to this).
With that in mind, allow me to define five viable Magicks decks.
Goranj’s Domain – consistency/power + defense. This is the easiest pure Mox deck to utilize, and debatably the most reliable one as well. Master Goranj and Goranj’s Mox will be your key cards in this build, winning battles through attrition thanks to high health. It is a slow start, but it is a stable one.
Orlu’s Domain – power + versatility. Relatively fast-paced for a Mox deck, capable of finishing battles quickly. Force Mages are mainly included for securing your position – such as completely negating a powerful lane while Master Orlu cycles through your deck on the side, allowing you to have answers for anything your opponent might throw at you. Here’s an example of its power against the Scrybe of the Beasts.
Bleene’s Domain – power + versatility. Somewhat similar to Orlu’s deck, though instead of answers to your opponent’s cards it relies on fast-paced aggression. Gem Fiends and Master Orlu are your main tools, with Force Mages and Junior Sages providing safety in case Orlu isn’t drawn early. Here is an example of recovery from a hand of three Moxes on turn 6.
Mox Power or Tricolor – the exception to above rule of not using more than two Mox colors at once, and my personal favorite. There is no bad starting hand for this deck, in fact, it is infrequent for one to be unable to play their entire hand on turn one, like so. 6 Mox cards are sufficient for any battle, though one can tweak the amount of Orange Mages if one so wishes. Replacing Mage Knights with Junior Sages for safety is an option as well, though I personally see no need in it.
Sapphire Bone Support – the name is self-explanatory. While this is essentially two decks, the core idea is rather similar: utilization of Sapphire (and Green) cards in tandem with Death cards for maximum efficiency. Just like Bleene’s, this deck is meant to end the game quickly, providing you with a secondary win condition should you draw a less optimal hand. A variation of Sapphire Beast Support is also possible – your Magickal cards used as backup sacrifices instead of bone tokens instead, however I would not recommend it.
Undoubtedly, there are more variations of possible decks, but I implore you to find and build them on your own. Still, I feel obliged to point my fellow apprentices to the synergy of certain Emerald cards with some of P03’s creations.
Now that we have reviewed completed decks and defined some of the possible goals, it is time to discuss our next subject. The utilization of your starter deck.
At the beginning, the pure three-color Mox deck will be enough to beat any of Leshy’s and Grimora’s subordinates. However, it is not a deck that can defeat a Scrybe. One will have to improvise with limited amount of cards that they have, and I have found that this (extremely basic) version of Sapphire Bone Support has no trouble defeating Grimora. From then on, the path to the Temple of Magicks and all the proper cards is open.
For foil-farming, a similar deck will do just fine – remember that placing Mage Pupils on a board with no Mox yields one (two with a Necromancer on board) free bones. Moxes that you destroy manually yield bones as well. Mage Knights are present purely to chip away at the Dummy until the scales are tipped to 1, for maximum amount of earned foils. There are different/better versions of this, of course – substituting Bone Heaps for Gourmages or adding more Broken Obols/The Walkers will make your life easier. However, the core concept remains same.
In closing, here are some more informative facts:
-If left with no Mox, Mox dependent cards that are already present on the board will only perish at the end of your turn. This means that you are free to reposition your Mox at the cost of one of your other cards, if you believe it to be in danger. Alternatively, destroying your own Mox provides you with a free space and (up to three) sacrifices in a single turn. -There is no downside to including cards such as Mox Module, Bleene’s Mox, Goranj’s Mox, and Orlu’s Mox in decks that only focus on a singular Mox color, since you get one (to two) additional health with no downside. -Any apprentice that calls Mox “Gems” in front of master Magnificus will be immediately subjected to Trial of Sensory Deprivation. -Even though not every Magickal card is Mox-dependent, protecting your Mox cards is almost always a priority. Positioning them against empty lanes or low damage flying enemies is ideal, though ensuring that you have another Mox card ready in your hand is better. -A well placed Force Mage is an easily won game. If your deck allows it, having one or two of these is never a bad idea.
With that, I am ready to conclude. I hope this short guide has inspired my fellow apprentices and has shaken the beliefs of all those who view Mox decks as weak. If any of you have your own Mox decks and wish to discuss more, I welcome you to display them below – it would be my pleasure to review them.
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2021.11.27 16:48 GreydonSquare Did you know that I am actively creating a comic book called Extropy & Entropy?

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2021.11.27 16:47 Murky-Librarian-7547 Wixxe auf Leute die ihr wollt auch Familie dm

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2021.11.27 16:47 Mufusm Did the Xbox series x app totally break?

Nothing plays anymore.
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2021.11.27 16:47 LegendActual [WTS] Brand New Beretta 92 RDO Slide, Centurion/Compact [FL]
Bought a Beretta 92X Centurion RDO and then a Langdon Tactical RMR slide when I realized the RDO plates weren’t available at the time. Now that the RDO plates are out I already am setup with the LTT slide and am not gonna swap it all out. Should fit any Compact/Centurion frame, just drop in your barrel and spring assembly. Safety slide, not decocker. Never fired.
$350 shipped USPS Priority, payment by PayPal FF, G&S plus fee, or Zelle.
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2021.11.27 16:47 dwaynecarter15 what do we think?

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2021.11.27 16:47 ForgottenPine Forbidden Oreo

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2021.11.27 16:47 dvillano420 La voltereta ideológica hacia la socialdemocracia

He notado que estos días la izquierda se está pegando una voltereta ideológica hacia la "socialdemocracia" y no pude evitar acordarme de Joaquín Lavín. Lavín, claramente de derecha y no un socialdemócrata, se autodefinió también de esa misma forma, justo antes de arrancar a españa.
Ahora la izquierda está intentando el mismo truco, quieren hacerse pasar por socialesdemócratas, cuando en verdad son de izquierda. Se están pegando la gran Lavín, desconociendo su origen y prostituyendo sus ideologías sólo para lavar su imagen.
¿Quién está más cerca de la socialdemocracia? ¿Lavín o el FA? ¿Porqué ambos quieren convencerme que son moderados, cuando claramente se que uno es de derecha y los otros de izquierda? ¿Hace falta un mejor representante del centro político en Chile para que así algún día dejemos de depender de lamebotas de Allende o de Pinochet?
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2021.11.27 16:47 musics_relaxant 30 minutos para desbloquear TODOS os 7 Chakras • Limpeza da Aura • Equilíbrio e Cura dos Chakras

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2021.11.27 16:47 ExpertAccident meirl

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2021.11.27 16:47 semaupyours Need to send gifts for research

Add me pls 4126 5591 6365
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