The Margin: What should Facebook’s new name be? Twitter users have some ideas

2021.10.20 12:28 DISANews The Margin: What should Facebook’s new name be? Twitter users have some ideas

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2021.10.20 12:28 Digital_Scribbles [WP] The world is ecstatic about the first fully immersive fantasy VR MMORPG. Neural synapses are downloaded directly into the game, making minutes of play time feel like days. You are a beta tester, due to a glitch you can't log out. You've been soloing in-game for 20 years waiting for launch day

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2021.10.20 12:28 zergursh We are Alpharius

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2021.10.20 12:28 yummybananas4 Chances I have of getting him back?

I (21f) was dating this guy (21m) for 2 months. I really like him and he was so perfect we were always so happy together. We never discussed boundaries or exclusivity. A month into us speaking and going on dates, I was at the bar one night with my friends and ended up grinding with another guy for only a minute (nothing else) while I was very drunk. I regretted it and told myself I wasn’t going to drink a lot anymore and limit myself because I wanted to take the relationship with this guy seriously. He found out about it somehow a month after and was really heartbroken. I apologized and gave him some space, he reached out a day later. He asked where we go from there and asked me to explain the situation, and I did in all honesty, and he was very sweet and forgiving.
He was very supportive and he acted like he normally did, and he also said he wanted to heal for a little, but he never even mentioned breaking things off with me. I wrote him a letter apologizing in the time he asked for space and planned on giving it to him because I thought he’d take more than a day and he said it’d be nice to read it so I dropped it off at his house with flowers and lunch. A week later one day he randomly seemed to act quiet, he’s very introverted so I wasn’t sure if it’s just him so I asked. He said he cant pretend the incident didn’t happen and broke things off with me.
I was super heartbroken over this I really like him and felt like I did everything I could, and he also acted so normally when we called/texted and sounded genuinely happy. I’m not sure if his friends influenced this decision but it just felt so contradictory. I plan on reaching out to him in 2 months to get lunch during winter break. I’m taking this time to reach out to old friends, work on health/fitness, work, school, and taking limiting any college drinking seriously. I’m hoping this time will allow him to heal properly without me breathing down his neck and he will remember our happy times.
I know there’s no certainty of anything at all, but since our relationship wasn’t long maybe another 2 months can allow time to heal and a possible clean slate. I was just writing this for any additional advice/input on my situation thank you!
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2021.10.20 12:28 SARTHAKUCHIHA WTF

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2021.10.20 12:28 TheNumber152003 Will The Koala Brothers air in reruns on Cartoonito?

I am from the US and the show used to be on Playhouse Disney and when Playhouse Disney became Disney Junior, it aired in reruns from 2012 to 2014, and it hasn't been on anymore on US television for 7 years.
Examples of other cartoons that moved to Cartoonito: Caillou from PBS Kids, Pocoyo from PBS Kids and Nick Jr., Thomas and Friends from PBS Kids and Nick Jr.
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2021.10.20 12:28 APKMirrorBOT Samsung Weather by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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2021.10.20 12:28 Kankabunka what is the future of software industry?

Without a doubt software jobs are the main reason our Indian economy seen a boost since last two decades... every student just want to become a software engineer for a promised life... every software employee i have met have a samemcareer plan, work in a certain company for a certain period then jump into a new company and ask for a hike... which they seem to plan to repeat until they have around 15 years of experience after which many find that jumping companies is not viable... if everyone follows same pattern how do the companies keep up with employment, is this system permanent? Seeing as there are millions of engineers graduating every year, does our country have enough jobs for all of them?
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2021.10.20 12:28 runawaykaneki 28 [M4F] UK/Anywhere - Looking for a connection with someone caring and affectionate

Hi there! I'm 28 years old, located in Hampshire, England. I am 5'11, slim build. Here is me.
I am looking to find someone who is kind, loving, caring and affectionate, someone I can really connect with, maybe with a bit of a nerdy side so we have things in common. I feel that honesty and empathy are really important to me too. Being able to support each other and build each other up. This doesn't even have to be in terms of dating, if it is a friendship that leads to something more then great, and especially if it is long distance it is nice to have time to really get to know each other :) Anyway, about me... I'm actually quite shy at first when meeting new people, but I promise if we hit it off and once we get to know each other you probably won't even believe that I am shy! I love to laugh, so sense of humour is something I look for. I'm also a very affectionate person, I absolutely love cuddles, so if you are someone who likes the idea of snuggling up under the blanket watching a movie then we are off to a good start :) I'd like to think that I am very approachable, laid back, and understanding so don't hesitate to ask me any questions or discuss certain topics, I'm not easily offended at all!
My main hobbies nowadays are very much indoorsy, so ill throw a few of my favourite things from each out there...

I like to write my own music too and can play the guitar. Getting into reading recently too now that I've got a Kindle and there's a whole world of books and manga to explore! I've started journaling too recently with a view to maybe writing a book as I feel like I really want to explore my imagination and creative side.
One thing that I feel is only fair that I am clear about off the bat, which is that I am currently disabled, I have been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 18 months, so I would need any potential companion to be comfortable with the fact that I may be limited physically and mentally at times, but I am in recovery and taking things one day at a time and always trying to be positive!
Anyway, enough about me. Feel free to send me a PM and maybe we can chat here or on Discord? Ideally with a little more than just "hey". Optionally if you're comfortable dropping in a picture too that would be great, i just feel its nice to be able to picture the person you are talking to, but if you'd rather get to know me a bit first that's totally understandable. Thanks for reading! :)
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2021.10.20 12:28 DISANews Futures Movers: Oil prices turn higher as U.S. supplies fall, but Brent slips as China aims to cool coal prices

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2021.10.20 12:28 Ihatemylife69nice Bread 👍

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2021.10.20 12:28 magikone69 Elektra, Def Jam, Loud?

Ok not knowing what we know. Would you have went with Elektra, Def Jam or Loud.
View Poll
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2021.10.20 12:28 the-inanimate-object Millie’s first spooky season!

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2021.10.20 12:28 Complex_Issue_5327 Why do you think gay womwn choose men?

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2021.10.20 12:28 Manealendil Never know when it might come in handy

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2021.10.20 12:28 APKMirrorBOT Netflix 8.5.0 build 4 40041 beta by Netflix, Inc.

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2021.10.20 12:28 zaruskito Não é necessário censurar as notícias

“Não é necessário censurar as notícias, é suficiente atrasar as notícias até que não importem mais”, Napoleão Bonaparte
Ou vc pode fazer uma versão melhorada:
“Não é necessário censurar as notícias, apenas chamá-las de "teoria da conspiração" por um tempo suficiente até que não importem mais” - Zaruskito Dimitri
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2021.10.20 12:28 SJdeGhozt Help me find plz

Looking to buy a display piece that is kinda like Arklight Arsenal. From what I can find, dude just disappeared from the game six years ago. I just want something that you put together with all the internals. Don’t really care about lights or sounds or blades, just want a hilt that goes together like a puzzle. Any companies, links, etc is appreciated.
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2021.10.20 12:28 SupaT3ase Throne Wishlist

Hi everyone, I found out that using the Amazon wishlist is not as secure as the Throne wishlist. Throne keeps your personal info (name, address, phone number)safe from your fans/followers to see. Also, on Throne we’re able to add links not only from Amazon, but other sites as well. The only downside I see is that there is a waitlist for using the site, since they have so much traffic. To move further up the waitlist it’s best to share your referral link. Feel free to create an account & use my link to move up the list. :)
Throne Referral Link
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2021.10.20 12:28 Ogsted How do guy bacteria woo girl bacteria?

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2021.10.20 12:28 IlliniUnion ATTN Sophomores. Bingo tonight. Free food, drinks, prizes. 8PM

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2021.10.20 12:28 mytoemytoe Per Scott: the first original ep of CBB Presents will be up sometime today!

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2021.10.20 12:28 yehoshzl How we raised our first round of venture capital: 263 meetings, 12 months, $128,700

TL:DR: I documented our fundraising process for our pre-seed and this post is the result (Reddit isn't letting me share the slide deck we used or the actual graphs, so you can find all that in the original blog we shared here).
How can I raise my first round of capital? Do I need a product? What metrics do I need to show? Or can I raise money based only on a deck and story? These were some of the questions that I kept asking myself and friends for months after starting to work on Alpe. The more I asked around, the more I realized it wasn’t only me asking those questions.
Early stage fundraising is the most misunderstood and untold stage of startup life. I’m not talking about series A or B, or even seed. I’m talking about raising pre-seed money . That’s the stage we’re all asking the same questions:
· How did you raise your first round of capital?
· Who gave you that angel money to build the MVP you needed to show traction? How did you convince someone to bet on you when you had nothing to show?
· Did you quit your job and work full time?
Maybe you’ve read that “the market is swimming in cash” or “It’s never been easier to raise capital”, but this is definitely not the case, or at least is first level thinking¹. The reality is that unless you’re in a specific inner circle of founders² it’s incredibly difficult to raise those first rounds of capital. I know because I and many founders I interact with have been there.
My goal with this post isn’t to tell you ‘how to do it’, rather it’s to share the actual story of how we raised $128,000 over our first 12 months. I don’t think there’s a way to fundraise³ -each company and founder is different — so I’ll share our story, our numbers, our lists and metrics — basically, all the in-depth details I wished I’d had available when we started our journey at Alpe Audio⁴.
Nine months to MVP I started working on Alpe because of a traffic jam. I needed to study a topic in depth and there was no way to do it while driving. Podcasts weren’t good enough and Coursera was a bad mobile experience.
That first pain point led me down a rabbit hole of prototypes and user interviews that eventually led to Alpe Audio: a mobile-first, audio course based learning experience to master topics in depth, in the time that you have while you’re ‘on the go’ — commuting, running errands or out for a jog. A university in your pocket, so to speak.
Getting to work In the first nine months we did market research, user interviews, problem validation, technical validation, established the founding team and built an MVP. This included:

Finding a co-founder was the highest variance task. It was the most important and I had no idea how long it would actually take. It took three months of searching until I was introduced to the right person. I was looking for someone with a technical background in building production ready NLP models, who cared deeply about customers and having a product centric mindset. Most importantly, they had to have the right emotional makeup for a founder: someone who can roll with the punches, take the highs and lows together with me, be humble and incredibly good and leave their ego at the door.
My co-founder Guy fit the bill, and it took us three months of us ‘dating’ until we were both sure of the other and that we had found what we were looking for.
During this entire time we didn’t fundraise and were working on our own dime and time.
Friends, family, fools & funds Nine months into working on Alpe we decided to raise money. We had all the research done and better yet, a working product with a couple hundred users and the first 2–3 audio courses. It wasn’t much more than an MVP, but it was something that worked, that we’d sweated over and spent our time and money on.
And here we were hit with the critical question: should we raise money based on a deck and story or did we need to show traction metrics for our product?
So I asked around and heard every possible answer: “Raise first, build later.” “Build first, raise later.” “Show a good CAC/LTV ratio.”
Every possible answer out there was offered as advice. Because no one really knew, we set out to find out and raise our first round of capital.
Show me the money It took 3.5 months and 132 prospective investors to raise $128,700 from 12 final investors. Covid hit right at the end and knocked two funds out of the picture.
Out of the 132 prospective investors half were actual Venture Capitalists (VCs), the rest were individuals who I thought could be relevant investors. We did the fundraise in batches, reaching out to prospects together and keeping as synced a timeline as possible, which you can see in the chart: starting out with as many new leads and first meetings as possible. After week 6 we stopped reaching out to new investors and simply pushed through our funnel.
Finding the right funds
Part of the preparatory work was building a list of relevant funds and personal investors. To find VCs, I found these to be most useful:
We vetted our initial list of ~250 VCs based on:
  1. Whether the fund was active. It either had to make an investment in the past three months or raise capital recently.
  2. The stage and sector they focus on (based on their website).
  3. Existing investment in a competitor.
  4. Partner background: whether a partner invests in our space (B2C, media, Edtech).
After vetting, we had ~80 prospective funds. Unfortunately, even after vetting, a lot of the funds we spoke to weren’t relevant. Some didn’t invest in the sector (B2C or Edtech), others didn’t invest this early or didn’t invest in Israel. Too many VCs don’t keep their website up-to-date with their actual focus, stage and sector, which led to many wasted calls.
Because I had worked in VC, I knew some of the funds and those were easiest to reach out to. For the others we tried as hard as possible to get a warm intro from a mutual acquaintance. For those we couldn’t, we reached out cold and always personalized the outreach. There are best practices for cold outreach. Here is a guide I like⁵.
Finding the right people Searching for relevant private investors is a different game. How did I know who would be relevant? I didn’t.
I reached out to everyone who I thought might be interested in investing $1,000 and up: co-workers, friends from university and the military, and extended family members.
Taking friends & family money is a difficult choice: startups are as risky an investment as there is. Are you willing to lose money for the people you care about most?
On the other hand, friends and family are the people who know you best and believe in you the most. Also, if you really believe in what you’re building and the financial opportunity, who better to benefit from it than people you love? In the end we decided that believe in Alpe and the opportunity enough to feel comfortable with approaching friends and family. We were investing everything we had in Alpe and so friends and family were welcome along (after some serious financial disclaimers and expectation alignment).
Raising money from people who trusted us personally was the right call. When Covid hit in March 2020, two funds backed out. All the personal commitments stayed in.
Too early For many funds, we were “too early”, a very broad statement, since other teams in our space had raised with far less actual traction than we had. These statements, and there were many of them, constantly led us back to our initial questions: Do we need a product with actual metrics to show that we’re not ‘too early’? If so, what metrics? Alternatively, maybe improving our deck and tightening the story could be enough?
As a former VC, I knew the answer: there is no formula. Every raise is different because every company is different, but after taking all those meetings I did start recognizing a pattern.
The three legged fundraise The pattern I kept seeing repeat, both as an investor and as an entrepreneur is that every investment is built on three things: Traction, Story and ‘Magic Dust’.
After those 200+ meetings, I’m convinced that at early stages, traction matters least⁶ and it’s all about the story and magic dust. Which runs counter to what I’d heard said by well known investor veterans like Paul Graham & Marc Andreessen.
Traction sounds simple but at early stages, it’s not. What traction do you show when you have no idea what your actual retention is? Or your CAC/LTV ratio? How many users are enough? What if they’re free vs paid? What’s good retention when your product is barely functioning? You get it. The numbers for traction change dramatically based on so many factors.
When I started talking to investors during our market research stage, we had no numbers to speak of. Within a few months we had hundreds of users with 30% retention, good by any measure, but they didn’t ‘Wow’. They didn’t overwhelm investors and get them fired up to invest right now (I cover how we grew to 10,000 users here).
At 7,000 users I felt a tangible difference when talking to investors, and more so when we hit 12,000, but these didn’t change fundraising materially. They still weren’t ‘Wow’ enough to get investors to ask ‘where do I sign?’.
Worse, the goalposts kept moving. We had 12,000 users, great, but were they paying? We had 30% retention over 90 days, great, but what about 12 month retention cohorts?
When it came down to it, traction wasn’t enough, no matter what we did. It helped the story, it buttressed it, but at early stages, traction just isn’t there — it’s an early stage company. So unless you have absolutely incredible, outstanding, out of this world, traction numbers — don’t count on your traction to seal the deal⁷.
This is why MVPs should only be built to advance your product or your story. They’re not there to show a traction number: not how many people are on the waiting list or how many users downloaded your app.
Stories and Magic Dust What goes into Story and Magic Dust? The problem you’re solving, market, TAM and all that. But mostly it’s founder-market fit and the market dynamics. At early stages, investors are betting on the founders. A critical part of what goes into the story is that element of why you’ll be able to solve this problem and why is now a good time for you to do that? What’s your edge over the rest of the market?
In a way, VCs are trying to de-risk. If you’re tackling a B2C play, having years of experience in design, acquiring customers or building products at B2C companies is a way for a VC to sit back and think to themselves — “it’s a hard problem but so and so knows how to do it”. They can remove that factor as an investment risk. The more the founder can alleviate the key risks in their startup’s market, the stronger the story.
Unfortunately at Alpe, we were missing that textbook answer. Guy and I didn’t have a B2C background. We didn’t have an educational or audio background. We’d never built an app before. Guy came from years in NLP and I came from a VC & automotive focused background. We were sorely lacking in that part of the story⁸.
Magic dust is the third part of the deal and it includes those ephemeral aspects of a fundraise that can make or break a company: FOMO, momentum, the right timing or lucking out and meeting the right investor who simply loves your idea.
Usually, having either a strong dose of magic dust or a strong case of founder-market fit are enough to get you on your way with a first round of capital⁹.
Wrapping up: Challenges & stories Fundraising is hard. It’s a full time job, takes dedication, thick skin and perseverance. There is no quick and easy formula and the process is full of self doubt and too many expert opinions. Read the blogs, do your research but trust yourself.
My closing two tips are:
  1. Focus on your story and use it to help investors de-risk investing in you. Traction can be a part of that, but don’t bet on traction alone.
  2. Trust the process. Build the pipeline, run through it. Make sure you have enough shots on target to succeed. You can get 100 ‘no’s’, but you only need one ‘yes’ to make.

  1. Howard Marks lays out first vs second level thinking in this wonderful memo:
  2. Who are usually men based in Silicon Valley, hail from brand name institutions or companies (examples: Stanford, Uber, Airbnb) or repeat entrepreneurs.
  3. Although many gurus will say there is ‘A’ way. That’s not to say there aren’t many (many) useful blogs and podcasts with tips on fundraising. My favorites are the NFX articles put out by James Currier and team & ‘Both sides of the table’ blog by Mark Suster.
  4. This will be the third in a series of detailed posts tracking our progress at Alpe Audio, sharing metrics and topics that I’d have wanted to be out there. Part 1 & Part 2 describe how we grew to 10,000 users.
  5. Liron Azrielant of Meron Capital lays out her bullish case for cold outreach and best practices.
  6. With one caveat: Traction doesn’t matter in as much as it doesn’t contribute to the story. If it helps you prove some key point and is part of the de-risking your story, then it definitely does matter. For example if we had had the traction that assuaged the fears investors had around us as a founding team (that we were missing a B2C background), it would have been useful to have the traction to de-risk that. But for that we needed outstanding traction numbers (see footnote 7 on what outstanding traction numbers are).
  7. What are incredible traction numbers? These numbers from Snapchat’s early days that Jeremy Liew shared on 20VC with Harry Stebbings blew my mind: “In March/April of 2012, they had about 90,000 daily active users off the base of 180,000 installs.” That’s 50% retention measured in DAUs off a huge base. Wow.
  8. We actually are a good fit to found Alpe, just not a textbook fit. Alpe brings together many different disciplines: B2C, product, audio storytelling & production, education, cognitive science and NLP among others. There is no founder or founders who cover all these areas — autodidacts are what’s needed.
  9. Assuming the rest of your story is in the normal bounds of startup fundraising: relevant market, strong ‘why now’ and good access to capital. A contrary example is raising a B2C early stage round in Israel — most Israeli VCs focus on B2B, and so access to capital for pre-seed/seed B2C companies in Israel isn’t good.
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2021.10.20 12:28 DISANews Mark Hulbert: You can beat your fear of losing money with bonds as interest rates rise — if you understand this one thing

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2021.10.20 12:28 DatedRhyme713 Is there a streamer mode for Far Cry 6?

Recently I started to dive into the game and really enjoyed it but noticed a lot of copyright music when driving and such. I know New Dawn had a streamer mode, does anyone know where I could find it in the settings or if it isn't in the game?
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